The reasons i’m not switching to the a7riii is, the upgrade is just not enough. It does give a little more features. In my opinion its like why i didn’t upgrade from the a6300 to the a6500. For the price of the upgrade it just did not make since. Also for my line of work i do not need those upgrades? Do i really need a touch focus not a touch screen? Will I be shooting sporting events? Probably not. I had to consider all these factors when making the decision not to upgrade and something you should consider as well.

First impressions.

My first impression of the a7riii was that it is an amazing camera. Sony listened to the consumer. The battery life is so much better then the a7rii. We now have a toggle to change focus point. They increased the size, where it fits so much better in your hand. The touch focus was a nice add. The over all feel of the camera is just better

The Sony a7riii has so many other benefits. The buffering is a lot faster. It now supports 120 frames per second in 1080 appose to 720. Has better low light capabilities to the new sensor. The video quality is simply amazing using the full frame sensor in 4k or 1080 gives your footage, amazing quality.. For photography the 42.4 mega pixel gives you an amazing sharp image. So sharp when you crop in you do not loose any quality.


Lets talk about whats really great about the a7riii. First is how fast it is. For my a7rii users, we know how slow the buffering is. If you do a burst of lets say 5 to 10 shots, it takes the camera so long to right to the sd card. With the a7riii you can view almost immediately. The speed is so much faster.

The touch focus is an added bonus. Being able to switch from subject to subject is great. Also having the toggle to switch is also a great way to switch between subjects. This gives so many different options to better your photography and videography.

The added bonus for videographers like my self is the 120 frames per second in 1080 for slow motion. This in my opinion is an amazing add. And what makes this an overall amazing camera. It suits all your needs in photography and videography. The 4k footage is so crisp and clean when using the full frame sensor. The beauty of this line of cameras is you have the option to crop your video to super 35mm. This gives the capability to have two cameras in one. This added benefit also benefit your lens selection. If you use prime lenses like i do this gives you two options with one lens.


I do not have a lot of cons. But the one i do have is very important. With the Sony cameras I have owned  they all have had one major problem. In certain lighting situations banding is a major issue. I shot a in studio video with my a6300 and lights provided by the studio. When i uploaded the video to adobe premier i noticed lines in the the shadows and the lighting. I researched the issues and found this happens due to the sensor in the camera. With cheap lighting and sunsets where the camera is facing the sun is when you get banding. If your a natural light shooter or someone who likes to shoot sunsets, this camera may not be for you. So consider these factor when deciding on purchasing any Sony camera.




Overall i love my Sony cameras. The quality despite the banding issue is amazing. With all the pros to buying the a 7riii, the a7rii has almost the same. Only differences between the two is buffering, touch focus, size, toggle, battery,  and 120 fps.These are all great features and i just may upgrade one day. But for now i do not have a need for it. For what i do i do not need the touch or toggle. I use my a6300 for 120fps. For the battery life i have already invested in a decent amount of batteries. So for me I do not have a reason to move from my current situation to the new a7riii.

Its safe to say with my production style i have know need for the a7riii.

I know, with the a7riii i can have both of my cameras in one. I like having two cameras. Its easier for me to set my a6300 up on the ronin and use the a7rii hand held or on a tripod. This way i do not have to keep balancing the ronin m. Also this gives me a two camera shot set up.

I would highly recommend these cameras to photographers and videographers.

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