Emmanuel Healing and Deliverance

Apostle: Laura V Anderson

     Laura V Anderson put together an amazing event for her congregation. That included a toy giveaway and prizes to lucky winners of the 50/50 raffle. At this event the main prize was a 65 inch tv. I would like to congratulate all that participated and to the winner of the TV.

     What made this event even more special, a sneak peak of  Emmanuel stage play and its amazing performers was given. 

   If you would like to be apart of this amazing Congregation the location is

91 Atlantic City Blvd. NJ, 08721 



Secret Society Internship

Secret Society Internship

Becoming a film maker takes a lot. You can watch youtube, read books, and talk to other film makers. If you really want to learn film making you have to get out and shoot. This is how you find your strengths and weaknesses. You see what works and what doesn’t. Hands on failure is the best way to get experience. Also watching others and seeing how they control the set. Understanding there creative process helps you define yours.

I had the opportunity to watch one of the top music video directors in my city Nimi Hendrix go to work. The day started at his apartment. From there we headed to our first location; the Airport. Now, being that we do not have permits of any kind this is the foundation of gorilla film making. We drove around scouting locations. Looking for a place with the lease amount of people and law enforcement. We found a one that was good but not ideal. Nimi took his camera and adapted a 70 to 200 mm lens. We set in a black Escalade like we were hit men for the mob waiting for our mark. He used a walky talky to direct the scene. He shot a hole scene siting in the passenger seat. Do to some interference by law enforcement we had to move locations. We scouted for another one. Found it and finished the shoot. This time Nimi was out in the open shooting. We wrapped with out any issues and moved to the final location.

The final location was a loft in Hoboken, the scene is a party scene. After shooting the talent entrance to the loft, we started to set everything else up. To see how his wheels turn to set the best scene to tell a great story. I learned a lot when it came to lighting and the way he controlled the crowed. He lit it with 3 lights and had someone follow with another. His focus was laser and the over look was crazy.

For the last and final scene, we went to the roof. Once we got to a good spot that overlooked the city the wind was fierce and cutting. He lit it with 2 lights. He shot it as quick as he could do to the weather. It was freezing up there. He got the shot and it was a wrap.

Having this experience taught me a lot about my self. Watching him let me see my own weaknesses and my fears. If you truly want to be good at something you must be willing to work for free at times. Understand what i mean by free. You may not be getting paid in cash but the knowledge is priceless. If cash is not involved you have to be getting enriched someway shape form or fashion. Just don’t do it and get nothing out of it. If you want to be the best at something you must learn from the best. If music videos are something you want to do, Nimi Hendrix has a intern program that you can get involved with. You can follow him on

IG @nimihendrix

A Wedding Film

A Wedding Film Starring The Wagners

This wedding was amazingly fun. The couple was awesome and fun to work with. Sometimes a wedding video can be very stressful. As a single shooter you are responsible for capturing every aspect of the wedding. It can be hard if you do not have a plan. When I first started I knew when filming something so important where there is know do overs you must have a well thought out plan of each shot you plan on taking, and the story you are trying to tell. Any time i pic up a camera my first thought is what story am i trying to tell. Know matter if its a still or a video. Im always looking for a good story.

Check out my latest wedding film. Its filled with fun and laughter.


Women's Unite Casino Night

United Way

This is a charity event that Women’s Unite do every year to raise money for third grade education. In order to raise awareness to this event and encourage more to get involved we decided to do a video to show how much fun it is.Thank you Women’s Unite for helping our youth. I hope this video will encourage more people to come out and support this fun and amazing event.


New Visual

Crack Curtis New Visual

Brand new visual shot and directed by Big Flix starring buzzing New Jersey artist Crack Curtis, from his joint project ” The Cold Tape” with the legendary DJ Whoo Kid.

 Hit the link to listen to Crack Curtis Music


Creative Photography Feat. Sara Sage

Creative Photography

          I had the pleasure of shooting the beautiful Sara Sage at Scali Media Studio. We had a great time shooting these amazing pictures. With this series of creative photography. My goal was to create something special and push my creativity. The main focus was to create with lights and all the different placements and color tones. I pushed my self and this is the result. I love these pics and I’m sure you will as well.

Sara Sage is an upcoming model. She is fun and easy to work with. She is always looking for other creators to create amazing content. If you are looking for a model to shoot or just want to see amazing content you can follow her on




Click the link to view the collection

Sara Sage Link

Next model up will be the Stunning Kiera Lee Nov. 1 st

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Sully Seventeen Feat. Rachet Rab - No Trade Clause

New Music Video

     I decided to shoot this video in Sea Side. I had a different vision for the video, But we couldn’t get all the people we needed. The sun went down. So i improvised. I knew i wanted movement. I decided to just have Sully Seventeen walk to Rachet Rab. Its like two worlds colliding. Watch and leave a comment. I shot this with an A7iii and Atomos Flame.

You can find Sully Seventeen new album SULFURIC ACID on all major platforms, Tidal, Spotify, Pandora, and Facebook just to name a few.