That's Trip - Gooey

Roaring back onto the global rap game on a tank half full of raw rap energy and a boundless charisma-dripped style, That’s Trip

A Very Creative Outspoken Goal Oriented Passionate Artists. Distinct , One Of A Kind , Rare Diamond In The Rough & Is All About Making The World Remember Him “We All Have One Life Dont Get Caught Up In The Ordinary When Your Extraordinary” Music Has Surrounded Me My Whole Life Its A Mood Its A Way Of Connecting & Relating With Others. I Want More Than Fame & Riches I Want To Leave A Legacy One That Not Only The Fans Can See And Follow But Most Important My Family. I Want For Generations & Generations To See That We All Can Make It As Long As You Put The Work In Rome Was Not Built In A Day & Neither Will Your Career But With A Loyal Team , The Hustle & The Grind You Can Reach Tremendous Heights. Never Lose Sight Of That Dream

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