The Aputure Light Storm 60x Bi-Color LED Kit is the newest bi-color single point LED light fixture from Aputure. The LS 60x offers bi-color flexibility and a variety of power, beam spread and intensity options to make it an incredibly versatile yet portable addition to any lighting kit.

Flexible Coverage and Power options

The LS 60x Bi-Color LED has an adjustable beam spread range to allow use in a variety of situations, from a spot of 15° to a medium flood of 45°. This spread pattern can be fine-tuned with either the included four-way barn doors, or with the optional spotlight mini zoom lens attachment. The light intensity can also be adjusted from 0%-100%, providing plenty of control in any given shooting situation, and a max output of up to 30,000 Lux in the 15° spot keeps subjects out of the dark.

Versatile Power Sources

The LS 60x is usable worldwide with a simple plug adapter thanks to its 110-240V voltage converter. It will also run on either one or two Sony NP-F type batteries, or a V-Mount battery, providing the ability to keep working when AC power is unreliable or unavailable. When used with one NP-F type battery, maximum power is 50%, with the full power available if using two batteries, V-Mount, or AC power.

Now available in Bi-Color

The LS 60x is the newest Bi-Color product in Aputure’s popular Light Storm series, and is one of the most compact and powerful bi-color chip-on-board LED lights on the market. The 60x goes beyond traditional bi-color ranges, using an expanded vari-white CCT range of 2700K to 6500K, and allowing for accurate color reproduction with CRI and TLCI scores of over 95.

Full Featured Light for Maximum Flexibility

In addition to the built-in adjustable beam spread and the optional attachments, the LS 60x is packed with features to keep it competitive with significantly more expensive lighting solutions. Eight built-in lighting effects provide creative control when replicating a different type of light source. The LS 60x is also IP54 weatherproof, meaning dust and water are not a concern while shooting. It’s also fully compatible with the Sidus Link Mobile App Control, providing the ultimate remote control flexibility while on the go.

LS 60X


CCT 2700K~6500K
CRI ≥96
TLCI ≥98
CQS 95 (ave.)
SSI (D56) 74
SSI (Tungsten) 86
Beam Angle 15°~45°
Output Wattage 60W
Max Power Draw 90W
Operating Current <6.5A (Max)
Operating Voltage (Power Supply) 19V
Operating Voltage (Battery) Sony NP-F 6~8.4V (Single battery) 12~16.8V (Dual battery)
Operating Voltage (Battery) D-Tap 12 ~ 16.8V
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 45°C / -4°F ~ 113°F
Control Methods On-board, Sidus Link (Sidus Mesh®)
Wireless Operating Range (Bluetooth) ≤ 80m / 262.5ft
Screen Type OLED
Weatherproofing Yes
Cooling Method Active Cooling
Cable Type: Head Cable 4-pin DC Twist Lock Cable
Cable Type: Power Cable Locking IEC Power Cable (4m)